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August 31, 2009 / Stephanie L S Cheng

War Zone Gear

A look into what gear to bring when on assignment in a war zone (by Teru Kuwayama)

A look at my general kit:
passports x2
sim cards -af, pak, india, thuraya,usa
2 x mini waterproof case – credit cards, cigarettes, etc
ziplock bag – currency – af, pak, indian, euro, pounds sterling,
dollars canadian, USD, UAE dirhams
IDs – press cards, military embed badges, etc
med pack + personal hygiene
batteries – AAA, AA, 123
power strip/surge protector – universal/multi port for regional power plugs
steel cable/TSA locks X5
AC/DC car power transformer – cig port to US power socket.
box o’ electronic shit – chargers, adaptors, usb cables, etc
zip ties, ziplock bags, packing tape, contractor grade heavy duty garbage bags
protective cases with camera memory cards
mini-pelican case with 3x 500GB external harddrives
2x headlamps w/red gel

I keep my shooting gear in a big Pelicase:
2x Holga
2x Widelux
2x Leica (M6, M8.2)
1x Canon G10
3x batteries for G10 and M8.2
2x charging units for G10 and M8.2
light meter
audio recorder
gps navigator
folding stereo headphones
mini screwdriver set
2x multi-tool (large with wire cutters, small w/scissors)
2x mobile phone (US + overseas)
film + memory cards + video tapes

Plus I carry…
body armor (level 4 stand-alone rifle plates, carrier harness + kevlar helmet)
boots, trainers, local sandals
ultra light sleeping bag + bivy sack + all purpose dhoti/sheet
waterproof river-rafting bag
survival blanket/camping tarp
compression straps, rope/cable
clothing – western + local


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