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August 31, 2009 / Stephanie L S Cheng

CCTV Building

With the CCTV building in Beijing slated for completion in late 2009, a lot of press has been coming up and what’s most debatable is the shape of the building.  Is it obscene? What was the original intention? Rem Koolhaas has gone on the record to deny the rumour, stating, “in terms of an object, an icon, or a piece of architecture, I wanted to do an architecture that does not have a single impression or a single image, that moves as you walk around it and that assumes a different identity every moment.”

I drove by the site back in June and caught a  glimpse of the building, true to form, the structure seemingly changes and moves as you make your way around it. The question remains, will the opening be plagued by the unfortunate events of the adjacent hotel? No more firecrackers!

Here are some snapshots I took from my phone. (on a side note, something needs to be done to upgrade the appearance of construction boards in China!)

Image092 Image095


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