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August 4, 2009 / Stephanie L S Cheng

Christian Lacroix’s demise




Back in May, Christian Lacroix filed for bankruptcy, the fall of an iconic brand for over 20 years in couture fashion. The most notable comment he has made since was an honest reflection on the past 20 years, “Perhaps I shouldn’t have been influenced by the idea that my name could be spread across the entire world.”

It had me wondering, is today’s cultural society engulfed in the name brand? Celebrities, social elite figures, fashion designers and design professionals are beginning to spread their wings and building a brand – from stylist Rachel Zoe, to real estate – fashion icon Ivanka Trump. Gone is the 9 to 5 job. It is about spreading your wings, building the “brand” and selling yourself as a “brand”. I wonder though, when do you stop? Are we becoming jack of all trades?At what point do you lose control of the creative/artistic integrity of the “brand”?

I was just recently reminded of the clear distinction that must be made between the creative brains and the business brains behind a brand. An interesting observation and one that has proven to work.


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