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July 31, 2009 / Stephanie L S Cheng

Project 90: Song Dong

Song Dong, a Beijing based artist took to the stage at MOMA, his first US exhibition called “Waste Not”; aptly located in the centre of MOMA’s stage such that all museums goers will undoubtedly pass by or overlook the exhibition. It is a collection of items his mother collected over a span of 50 years – all amounting and cramming into one small house. An array of shoes, medicine, soap, hot water bottles, chairs etc. is neatly scattered across the hall allowing the viewer to circulate around at their own pace.

The notion of “hourding” comes to mind and is all too familiar in our chinese culture.


bags sbhkaZK8Xp2yp08dwf9DEREWo1_400 songdong5


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