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July 29, 2009 / Stephanie L S Cheng

Lisa Scheer





I came across Lisa Scheer’s work today, a photographer based in Greensboro, NC. Like myself, she made the transition from SLR to Hasselblad and makes note of how it has changed her approach and thought process. She makes a very good observation when interviewed by Simen Edvardsen and asked what makes her take a picture. Scheer notes thats a verbal explanation can never fully explain the reason and quotes Robert Adams, ” Part of the reason that these attempts at explanation fail, I think, is that photographers, like all artists, choose their medium because it allows them the most truthful expression of their vision. Other ways are relatively imprecise and incomplete.”

The subject of Scheer’s work is largely based in Greensboro near where she lives and works. It made me pause for a moment realizing the beauty in the “home photographer”, or rather, the beauty in the lack of bells and whistles.


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