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March 1, 2009 / Stephanie L S Cheng



When I began thinking about book design, I immediately thought of my favourite Japanese photographer, Rinko Kawauchi. In an interview back in December 2006, she talked about how easy it was to publish a book in Japan and a project does not feel complete until it was organized into a published book. An exhibition is therefore seen as a bonus or a reward and not a goal in and of itself. 

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“The biggest difference is that a photography book can be held in your hands. It can thus be appreciated on a more intimate level. Exhibitions are seen in white boxes. When you are putting together a photography book, you must keep in mind that you look at them in a sequential way as you turn the pages. When viewing an exhibition, what counts most is the space and how it is structured. These are two very different ways of looking at photographs.” – Rinko Kawauchi


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